Three creative ways to use lights in your B&B

23 May Three creative ways to use lights in your B&B

You have started an activity and devote to your B&B all your loving care and attention …
Curtains, cabinets, tables, sofas and armchairs: all coordinated and designed to strike the eye of your customers creating a pleasant atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.
But is there anything else you can do to make your little creation more irresistible in an original, smart and cheap way?
Here are three ways to decorate your B&B using creative lighting:
1. You have to favor natural lights by drawing curtains and leaving doors and windows shutters open in the hall, dining room and rooms. Natural light will give a pleasant atmosphere to the ambiance and invite your customers to stay … if you have the plus of a nice view the game is done!

2. Lighten details: Wall or ceiling lamps can be used to emphasize details such as design objects, paintings by local artists, mirrors and frames. This will create a fun game of lights and shadows that will fill empty spaces without having to spend too much on the furniture.
3. Use different types of lights in guest rooms. Ceiling and wall lights are indispensable for a total lighting of the rooms, but don’t forget to put adjustable light intensity lamps so that customers can choose their preferred light gradation so to create the atmosphere they like most! And, of course, you will place table lamps on each bedside table to allow your guests a relaxing reading before sleeping.
Are you satisfied with the new touch given to your B&B?
You should! You have struggled so much to give birth to your little bijoux and seeing it so beautiful now is rewarding you.
That’s why you should never give up on its care … and, while you’re unleashing your inspiration, Parity Rate will consider improving the management of your booking portals in order to increase your bookings.
You will have all the time you want to dedicate yourself to your little jewel and make it even more inviting!

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