Are you trying to increase your reservations and save on commissions’ costs? Just take advantage of this latest Google and TripAdvisor’s innovation!

10 Oct Are you trying to increase your reservations and save on commissions’ costs? Just take advantage of this latest Google and TripAdvisor’s innovation!

You manage an accommodation facility, don’t you? Well then, I think that your biggest aim is to increase reservations as much as possible while reducing costs of the commission you have to pay.

What you need to know right now is that you have 2 giants ready to help you achieve these two goals. I’m talking about Google and TripAdvisor, that you surely already know.

Google is the biggest search engine of the web and TripAdvisor the most famous website of hotels, restaurants and tourists attractions’ reviews. How do these two web giants increase reservations at your facility, saving you the commissions’ costs you usually pay to OTAs?

They do that thanks to Google Hotel Ads and TripConnect, their respective Instant Booking services.

If you are thinking that Google and TripAdvisor have become OTAs, you are exactly right, because with Hotel Ads and TripConnect they enable all web users to book hotels and any other accommodation facility rooms, directly from them without passing through OTAs.

And if you barely have an idea of the huge number of views they get every day, you can easily understand what it means for you and your facility to be able to exploit their enormous online power (only TripAdvisor has 280 million of users every month!)

Now I want to give you all the information you need not to miss the unique chance to get a significant increase in your reservations using Google Hotel Ads and TripConnect.

How Google Hotel Ads works and how much it costs you to get reservations

Maybe you heard about the fact that until 2015 Google offered the Google Hotel Finder service to compare hotels rates. From then, things have changed and Hotel Finder has been replaced by Hotel Ads, turning Google in a real OTA.

In few words: any web user who is looking for a hotel, B&B or any other accommodation facility in a particular city, can book using Google Search and Google Maps directly.

The user goes to Google, searches for instance Hotel Roma and in the results he will find a Google Maps chart with all the hotels in Rome and their respective icons that he can click on. Clicking on a hotel icon, a box opens up and there the user can find the hotel website with the telephone number (to book directly by calling the facility), and several OTAs.                                         

In another box on the left, instead, he will see the lists of al the hotels with the respective daily rates and details of the services offered.

What are your advantages, if you choose to use Google Hotel Ads?

  •       get an incredible online visibility
  •       have the chance to attract a very high number of potential customers
  •       can change the rate day by day
  •       can direct a huge traffic to your website
  •       compete with OTAs, choosing the more convenient tariffs
  •       pay less commissions than those required by OTAs

In fact, the percentages of the commissions you have to pay to OTAs usually are between a minimum of 15-18% of the price of your room and a maximum of 25%.

Google Hotel Ads commissions are no more than 10-12%, with a very significant saving.

Pay attention! There is another big benefit for you: thanks to the payment method Google Hotel Ads Commission Program (GHACP), you pay commissions ONLY when you get a booking. This means you don’t have any cost for the click views, something that Google still does, but only if you choose the traditional CPC model (Cost per click), that I actually think is not convenient for you.

To exactly understand what this Google tool is able to do, it’s enough to know that Premier Inn, the UK biggest chain, has had an increase of 40% of new customers with a tripled ROI!  A truly amazing outcome, isn’t it?

How TripConnect works and how much it costs you

You know very well that nowadays, thanks to the dissemination of the web you need only one click to buy any item or service whatsoever, and the easier the purchasing process is, the more web users buy.

TripAdvisor has understood this perfectly and decided to take advantage of the millions of views that it gets from all over the world in order to offer a very simple and direct booking service.  

Millions of visitors. Millions. And for you this means an enormous number of potential customers that book through TripAdvisor, after reading the reviews they were looking for.

Let’s see how it works and how much it costs you!

TripConnect doesn’t make you pay click views neither, but ONLY a 12% or 15% commission. And you pay for it ONLY at the end of the traveller’s stay.

You can choose between a 12% and a 15% commission, depending on the number of view on the “Book on TripAdvisor” button. For example: if the “Book on TripAdvisor” button for your facility is clicked 100 times and you have chosen a 12% commission, then your rates and availabilities are shown at least 25 times.  In the remaining 75 times, the rates and availabilities shown will belong to OTAs that have joined the service.

If you choose the 15% commission, your rates and availabilities will be shown 50 times and for the remaining 50, OTAs’ ones will be shown.

To be competitive, I suggest you to offer the same or even lower rates than those offered by your partner OTAs. Tariffs must be clear, just as the services’ and rooms’ description.

And if the guest cancel a reservation? No problem: you inform TripAdvisor and DON’T pay commissions.

What to do to use Google Hotel Ads and TripConnect immediately

As you see, there are a lot of advantages for you and the costs involved are less than those for OTAs. What to do to use these two Instant Booking services?

You don’t need sophisticated and expensive solutions. You just need a really good Channel Manager that offers you also the connection to these two services and will transfer your rates and availabilities in real time (also warning TripConnect when your customers cancel reservations).

With Parity Rate, one of few Channel Manager in the world that is Google and TripAdvisor partner,  you can easily take advantage of the huge potentiality of Google Hotel Ads and TripConnect to double and even triple the number of the reservations in your accommodation facility, benefitting from truly competitive commissions.

And there’s more: with Parity Rate the connection to the 2 services is FREE (because it is included in the license fee), while other provider offer this for a fee!

For you this means SAVING on costs and at the same time having an incredible tool that manages these 2 revolutionary Instant Booking canals. Something that all the best hotels chains of the world are using, getting an increase in ROI and reservations never seen before.

It’s time to find out more, don’t you think?

That’s why we offer you right away a FREE consultation with one of our experts who will show you how to use Google Hotel Ads and TripConnect thanks to Parity Rate.

And with the 30-day Parity Rate FREE TRIAL you will be able to see for yourself the incredible potentialities given by 2 giants of the web, along with the other copious advantages assured by our Channel Manager, result of our thirty-year expertise in the hotel field, to offer you only innovative and effective solutions.

Ask for a FREE consultation with one of our experts and
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Till the next article!

Bruno Castella
Bruno Castella

Lavoro da 30 anni nel settore alberghiero, e per gestire al meglio i miei alberghi ho sempre studiato e realizzato soluzioni gestionali specifiche per le esigenze di chi come noi opera nel mondo dell’ospitalità. Oggi voglio trasferire anche a te la mia esperienza e rendere semplice e automatica la gestione dei tuoi canali di vendita online. Finalmente aggiornerai disponibilità e tariffe con uno strumento di cui non potrai più fare a meno.

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