Do you really want to sell your rooms online and beat your increasingly fierce competition? Then you need to read the advice in this article and put in into practice straight away, without further delay. Because the more time you waste, the more you favour your competitors and lose guests that could choose you and not others.

What you need is some basic knowledge of the online purchasing process of the traveler who needs an accommodation, as well as an essential tool I am going to talk about soon.


Do you know what today, in the Web era, is the key element that persuades the consumer to book a room online?

The perception!

If you know how to strike a chord in your potential guests, you have already done very well and stand good chances that they choose you, not your competition.

And what should the guest perceive of you and your facility?

Above all, the value of your offer, of your service and professionalism, that must appear and be higher than what the other hoteliers offer.

This means you must have a strong online presence, and be very good at promoting your offers through:

  •                    captivating pictures
  •                    clear and complete info
  •                    a detailed description of the services you offer
  •                    positive reviews from customers
  •                    competitive rates.

These are the 5 factors that push the consumer to reserve a room from you, and not the other. And if you really want to beat the competition you must present yourself as more convenient and the best possible choice.

You are right, I know what you are thinking: thanks to OTAs, today 90% of hotel managers have good online visibility and competition has become a real battle.

But you can get by very well and, in some cases, move ahead of the game  if you are smarter than your competitors and use the right tools.

Beat the competition on OTAs and increase your business with the Rate Comparison feature

What does it mean to be smart for a hotelier or a B&B manager, or  whoever runs an accommodation facility?

Well, it means to scope out the competition, analyze it as if you were a detective, and do better than them.

It means to check what your competitors are offering to the guests and give that something more that makes the difference and attract the guests towards you. Trust me, it’s not impossible, and it’s not even hard work.

Of course, if you had to check all the accommodation facilities in your area website by website, take note of all the services and the rates they offer, compile a sort of report and calculate statistics by yourself and manually, I would immediately tell you to close up shop. Because in this way it would become not only a really hard job, you wouldn’t even be able to realize what service is better for you to rely on or what discount is worth offering to attract guests.

And if I told you that you can check your competitors’ offers on OTAs with just a click and get all the information you need to create better offers?

If I told you that there is a feature, integrated in a Channel Manager specialized for accommodation facilities, that enables you to stand out among Booking websites and “steal” reservations from the competition?

You should believe me, because it exists and it’s called Rate Comparison!

Rate Comparison is the Parity Rate Channel Manager feature that automatically verifies rates and services of your competitors, analyzing them independently on all the OTAs you use and showing them in a charter easy to consult and understand.

Thanks to the Rate Comparison feature you can see what hotels, B&B and other facilities of your area post on OTAs, and consequently figure out what they do and offer something better.

For instance: you verify that the average rate for a room like the one you offer is around 75 euro per night. Good, because you can give it for 70 euro or make a special discount to who books for 3 nights, or even attract customers with a room that costs 75 euro but with some additional services your competitors don’t give or include in the price.

Therefore, Rate Comparison is a sort of radar that tells you what your competition is doing on OTAs and how it’s trying to “steal” your reservations and profits.

Rate Comparison is your solution, if you really want to increase reservations and revenue using OTAs better than the other accommodation facilities of you area.

Without Rate Comparison you can only go crazy, because you can check your competition’s behavior ONLY manually, going on each single OTA, taking note of their information, comparing them and then deciding what to do. If you are lucky, you can do it in a week.

If not, you have to ask one of your employee to do this job, with one resource less to handle more pressing work.

Is it worth it, when you can have with just one click really important information for your business? No, it’s not worth to miss a feature like this.

Moreover, this feature is included in a state-of-the-art Channel Manager, expressly conceived and realized for accommodation facilities like yours and that offers, together with Rate Comparison:

  •                    Cloud-based management, so that you won’t have to install anything and could use it when you want, wherever you are and using Smartphone and Tablet, in addition to a Pc.
  •                    data security thanks to PCI certification.
  •                    no management limits because it can easily connect with PMS, RMS, Booking Engine and all you need.
  •                    XLM and Web Scraping connection, so you can manage ALL OTAs, included the ones without XLM connections.
  •                    qualified assistance available seven days a week for any issue that may arise.
  •                    The Distribution System.
  •                    The exclusive Business Rules feature.
  •                    The possibility to use Google and TripAdvisor as OTAs, paying commissions ONLY when rooms are sold.

Would you like to find out what are the Distribution System and the Business Rules features of the Parity Rate Channel Manager, as well as all its immediate benefits?

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Bruno Castella
Bruno Castella

Lavoro da 30 anni nel settore alberghiero, e per gestire al meglio i miei alberghi ho sempre studiato e realizzato soluzioni gestionali specifiche per le esigenze di chi come noi opera nel mondo dell’ospitalità. Oggi voglio trasferire anche a te la mia esperienza e rendere semplice e automatica la gestione dei tuoi canali di vendita online. Finalmente aggiornerai disponibilità e tariffe con uno strumento di cui non potrai più fare a meno.

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