How to offer rooms and apartments on Airbnb

30 May How to offer rooms and apartments on Airbnb

Born in 2008, Airbnb became the largest B&B portal in the world in a few years.
Renting a room or flat on Airbnb is a trend that is increasing more and more. Whether you want to take advantage of your property, avoiding letting it vacant, or you want to start a real business, Airbnb is the best choice.
But how can you rent out these rooms?
Let’s see together what are the steps to offer your own rooms or apartments on this famous portal:
1) Create an account. First you need to register on Airbnb on the page You can use your email address or your Facebook, Google or Abex accounts. Then you will need to complete your profile: this passage is very important because it will be your business card that is essential to give a good impression to your potential guests. Finally, remember to insert your photo; it will convey confidence to the prospect customers … Of course psychopathic/killer facial expressions are to be avoided.
2) Set your price list. You will be wondering “what is the right amount to demand to my guests?” The answer gives you Airbnb. A recommended daily rate is provided based on some variables, such as number of rooms, services, location, tourist season, other ads near you etc. Price can be changed at any time and varies on specific dates, weekends and more.
And if I just wanted to indicate certain dates? No problem! The portal gives you this option as well. You will also be provided with a calendar that you can lock, open and adjust whenever you want.

3) Carefully describe your spaces and the services you offer. You will need to help your potential guests to focus on the room or flat you are renting. Is there a relaxing atmosphere? Is that little balcony perfect for a morning tea? A cosy couch and a large selection of books? Remember: your description is what drives the user’s interest in booking, preferring your solution to the other ones. Then list the benefits that they can take from staying in your apartment and highlight the qualities of your spaces also adding pictures to the various descriptions.
4) List the activities which can be done in the surrounding area. Be it a museum, a park, a renowned venue or a beach, creating a list of activities and places to visit will increase your chances of renting your premises. Remember to list restaurants, supermarkets and chemist’s shops, giving also some hints about how to reach them.
At this point, you just have to wait for the first emails and the first phone calls, and while you think about how to make your profile more appealing, Parity Rate will manage and increase your bookings!
Easy! Isn’t it?!

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