Because we know the problem: we have been there. On line Hotel Business can be stressful, mentally demanding. Parity Rate’s mission is to make you and your clients smile.

It’s disappointing and frustrating loosing an opportunity to sell a room, just because you are not maximizing your marketing the right way and not just because the offer price is wrong. Your deal is just not there where it should be! Someone is selling at your place. So it is time to react, today!

Parity Rate makes you selling the way is best for you: we don’t push the software, but we rather concentrate on solutions and services that can help you to make a difference. We sell the solution to your problems, not the product.


  • How we make difference

    How we make difference

    Use our solutions to calibrate your offer through hundreds of thousands of sites and platforms to suit your needs and to match with that of the individuals that are looking for you, with you not knowing, with them not finding you.

  • Assistance, Direct Help, Caring friendly and fast.

    Assistance, Direct Help, Caring friendly and fast.

    Yes, plans do change, so do your bookings: when you need to manage your offers across multiple channels, things can go wrong, expecially if you are under pressure because of your day-to-day business routine.

  • Learning by Doing

    Learning by Doing

    With our on-line tutorials, we make sure we can remotely configure, assist, correct, advice and reassure that your business interest is protected, in a one-to-one private and confidential basis, for the sake of a long-lasting professional yet personal relationship.

  • Easy, Clear, Effortless

    Easy, Clear, Effortless

    When you have everything under control, thanks to easy-to-use intuitive screen features and menus, you feel better, more relax and confident to price, discount, update, change, manage availability and bookings, under the same umbrella, connected to your administration tools. All in one and one for all: this simplify decisions, give you more time to act on an informed up-to-date basis, more time to react – when it comes to publish a deal – and more time for your guests. No duplications, no confusion.

  • One Interface, One Voice

    One Interface, One Voice

    There is nothing more annoying than to speak to someone who does not know you from the beginning, from a delocalized third-party call centre. It is frustrating: we know that, and we make sure that your assistance is based on the same person you met the first time. He knows you, you know us.

  • Enjoy Parity Rate

    Enjoy Parity Rate

    We help you to make sure you don’t accidentally offer a room at the wrong price at the wrong time. The platform performs self-checks and provides alerts so that you can be sure to manage your stock the right way, in a profitable way. Check out our demo site and consult with one of our sales and technical personnel to see for yourself, before you buy with trust.


Parity Rate is a family of products based on modular and responsive applications like: Channel Management, Booking Engine, Distribution Management. All our products can be further enhanced by our own Marketing & Consulting expert from  Hotels on the Web.

By choosing one or more applications, once configured to your needs, your business can get:


An immediate benefit, entering in “business operation” directly with connected OTA platforms and partners


Save money as all our products are free for a month (trial) and then you pay an annual fee.


Altrenatively, to choose a suitable plan (with or without scrapping your tools) using our cloud and mobile applications in parallel, before switching.


More than just a marketing tool: you get direct sales, saving the commission you normally pay.



It is an on-line reservation tool that eliminates the cost of a middleman and maximise the number of direct reservations on your website.

As you know, a substantial percentage of your website visitors have booked rooms via distribution channels and on-line sales. If they could have booked directly from your website you could have saved the commissions you pay for each reservation.

Once installed, ParityRate Bookin Engine activates a fully functional and integrated on-line booking service, right on your homepage: any booking coming trough the engine are not subjected to commissions, thery are without restrictions and are automatically managed.

The results are: increased direct bookings, improved cash flow, less commission fees to be paid.


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Embed the whole Booking Engine Web Application directly on your HomePage and inside your Room Section.


Visualize Calendars, Availability, Prices, Photos directy with one click.


Configure, activate, sell. Simple as that, and you are ready to cash in.




Ask your Parity Rate Booking Engine to do more for you: maximise the number of leads, convertions and direct reservations on your website

If your website needs a sale boost, we also provide consultancy together with a personalised Landing Page that will collect (funnel) all traffic and redirect it on your Booking Engine.

This is the power of PLUS: concentrate the flow on one page, redirect to Booking Engine, syncronize with Channel Manager. Parity Rate as a holistic solution.


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