Ok, I begin with the Free Demo: but how does it work? ▽

For 30 days you are free to use the platform of choice, with no obligation and no credit card, and really working with up to 5 selectable portals that we configure for you. During this initial month, you have the opportunity to learn how to use Parity Rate and evaluate if our level of service is satisfying your needs.

Then there is a contract to sign, right? ▽

The Contract is flat and on a yearly basis. It is affordable and convenient even if you operate seasonally, because paying a special rate, you can gain visibility and collect reservations even when you are closed, better planning your reopening and staying focused on your competitors that are opened all-year.

Can I purchase the Channel Manager without assistance? ▽

Unfortunately this is not possible. The reason is the annual cost. Given the fact that portals are constantly changing and in order to ensure reliability and a continuous service level, that implies continuous updates for synchronization, we must be consistent in providing assistance. However, our price is clear, transparent and refers to a Flat Subscription which is seamless, making the relationship between us and you, more reliable, because without a constant support, we would create a lower service and create problems to our operative customers.

What about if I decide to add another product within Parity Rate? ▽

Just get in touch with one of our operators to provide the necessary assistance required to integrate in your annual package what more do you need. Go to the “Pricing” section of the site to simulate what it cost you and you will see what is convenient.

What Technology is your system using? ▽

Our system is certified two-way and uses technology 2-way XML is a standard in this area, to which we have deliberately added the Screen Scraping to do in order to connect more channels than many of our competitors.

What is Parity Rate relationship with portals? ▽

A constant and operational one. Almost every day we are in contact with the most important operators as well as new portals, which require us to connect from all over the world. Also why we have clients in Europe, Asia and South America. If you then check the extranet of the Big Players, Parity Rate is recommended and recommended. We are Preferred Partner of Booking.com.

Can I interface with other software, like a PMS or Booking Engine I already use? ▽

Yes, of course. Parity is fundamentally a system integrator: we have hundreds of PMS, RMS and Booking Engines that are already interfaced with us. If yours is not yet interfaced, we are available (at no extra cost) to give our API to ensure matching. Another way of showing Parity Rate unbiased and transparent approach, at no extra cost.

Do I need to pay for the Set Up (fee)? ▽

No. It is already included in the service, so is the support, maintenance and updates. Again, with Parity Rate there are no surprises: the only cost is the Annual Fee, and there are no configuration fees to increase in the following years, even in case the annual subscription fees changes in price. So, apart from the annual fee that might change, there is no reason why we should ask for additional payments, unless another hotel is added to Parity Rate platform (that is is if your business is growing structurally) meaning there is a real need to activate another contract from the same account.

About the Channel Manager Service, how does it work? ▽

Parity Rate can help you 7 days a week, from 9:00 AM to 9 PM (GMT+1). Our standard  practice is to call you to open a service ticket, but you can always send us an email or even call to be called back. Also we do our best to put you in contact with the same consultant, so you don’t waste time explaining who you are and what the problem was.

What is the difference between Channel Manager and Distribution System? ▽

Both are rates and availability updating systems working with portals, but: with Channel Manager is not required to align with a database, as the software works only in one direction, that is, once you make the required change (related to your business), it is transferred to the portals. So you are managing portals like external sales channels, hence the name.
The Distribution System instead uses a database; so your inventory of rooms to be allocated on portals are working in a two-way mode: first you synchronize with the portals, with the rules that you have chosen, based on the bookings you have received. For example, you might decide that, if your availability decreases, the selling price of the rooms still vacant needs to be increased by 10% or by 10 Euros.

This is automatically applied to the portals and back to your system, ensuring that any reservation is updated on both sides, automatically, with accuracy and with real time inventory management. Using the Distribution System you get a shared room availability  on all online channels: this is possible because the system downloads for your hotel reservations by portals, automatically.