Parity Rate is not just channel management software, it is a service made of people with proven experience in the field, qualified partners and a team of technical assistance that allows anyone, regardless of the type of structure to:

Save time and resources

Save time and resources for the management of its online offering, through major sales channels;


Optimize the availability of rooms and the stock through greater flexibility in the dynamic and flexible management of the rooms as the availability decreases to the advantage of the vacancy rate;

Check with precision

Check with extreme precision and ease the timely planning of offerings, with alerts and configuration services with more and assisted by staff in language;


A more targeted and updated analysis of reservations in order to decide what action ``spot``, in real time, work on all sales channels: all this with just one click, 24/7, from any part of the globe;


First, because we come from the hotel business, from the hospitality and tourism industry. The founder, as the sales network and most of the people in the customer support, are like you.They know what the customer needs are, the everyday problems, but above all they know how to solve them.


You do not need not be a computer expert to use our software; we tested our solutions in our hotels back office, starting from real needs and we did our best to simplify them, so that Parity Rate as a platform can be used easily, due to intuitive controls and command interfaces. That is why using Parity Rate you learn quickly.
When you have learned, we do configure our software around your needs (and we help you to make the best of our software) according to what is really needed, so that when you update our software, you automatically update all that was integrated with us.

This is of great convenience, for you and for those who work with you, as well for those who you are going to form before being employed: instead of using many separate tools, Parity uses one set, and all others are updated by us.

This translate into tangible savings of time, money, resources, and training while your business is always operational.



When synchronizing in real time, in the back office as well as remotely, from your desktop or smartphone, you remain always connected to your business: without having to install anything, Parity is a certified, secure in Cloud platform.


All you need is an internet connection and prices and availability are always under your control. Each modification is quickly displayed and then is immediately applied to our system. Every software update is done up stream, so you don’t need to update on your side.
We designed and created high performance applications that are safe, because we deal and we protect your sensitive data: we are in fact PCI Certified to ensure that your data are absolutely safe. If something does not work (and it can happen), or if there are any doubts on how to operate Parity Rate solutions, our qualified support is there to help you, 7 days a week, by mail, and telephone.

We offer a personalized service of call back, managed by the same person that “closed” your subscription; this way you are In touch with someone who knows you from the start.

Inside Parity Rate software everything is quite minimalist but at the right place, to ensure a natural feeling when you use our solutions. With a PC, tablet and smartphone, no matter what the operating system.

We also interface your PMS, RMS or Booking Engine, and, in case I need to interface a channel with which we are not yet connected we will do it for you at no additional cost.
Finally, I would like to personally add that we are proud to be one of the few Italian companies in this field, adopting XML technology and the Screen Scraping Channel Manager to provide a service that meets the needs of 3000 customers worldwide, with 500 and 200 portals related business partner.