The importance of metasearch

30 Jun The importance of metasearch

If you run a hotel or a B&B, be it as its owner or revenue manager, then, definitely you have already heard about the term “metasearch”.

Since 2015, metasearch has been exponentially increasing. Think, in fact, that 36% of Americans, 54% of Chinese and 35% of UK tourists use this tool to compare prices.

Therefore, it is important for a hotelier to understand how metasearch works. Taking advantage of this means having more direct bookings on the hotel’s website.

What’s a metasearch?

A metasearch engine is essentially a search engine allowing you to increase your hotel booking rate by driving potential guests directly to your website. Among the most popular search engines are Trip Advisor, Trivia and Webjet.

Metasearch vs online travel agencies (OTA)

Metasearch engines and OTAs have different business models; however, both work together to achieve greater online exposure and an increase in hotel and B&B bookings. It’s important for a small hotelier to understand the difference between the two, using both of them to maximize the revenue.

OTAs (online travel agencies) are the key to online distribution for every hotel, including small accommodation providers. Each OTA displays and sells hotel rooms with information, rates and photos, enabling guests to book a hotel room directly on OTA’s website.

On the other hand, a metasearch engine collects all available rates for your online hotel through multiple channels (e.g. OTA) grouping them together in one listing for your future customers. This speeds up the process and makes it easier for your guests to find and compare hotel prices, eventually leading them to a booking choice.

How can a small hotel benefit from a metasearch engine?

Metasearch engines allow small properties to measure themselves against larger hotels or chains.

Ultimately, showcasing real-time availability, prices and services offered on metasearches is a winning move that can take away considerable market shares from OTAs.

With Parity Rate, you can make the most of metasearches by linking them to Trivago, Google Hotel Finder, TripConnect, Kayak and paying only a commission to metasearch engines (10-15% maximum) for every booking.

You will eventually be able to invest in advertisements with measurable results, getting reservations directly on your website without OTA fees. You will also take advantage of a vast online visibility, increasing your Revenue and reducing your distribution costs at the same time.

What are you waiting for? 🙂

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