Improving the visibility of your hotel / B&B with Instagram

27 Jun Improving the visibility of your hotel / B&B with Instagram

Do you own a Hotel/B&B and would like to increase your presence on the web?

Let’s move from an important premise: the more you’ll be visible online, the more users will be aware of your structure and will be tempted to stay at you.

One of the best ways to achieve this to date is through the use of social media and, in particular, of Instagram.

The photo sharing platform is one of the easiest to use multimedia channels and one of the most engaging at the same time.

If all this is new to you, don’t panic. With these 5 FAQs we will help you understand how to boost your online presence consequently improving your hotel/B&B marketing possibilities:

1. What do I need it for?

Instagram must be used to increase your brand’s visibility.

In recent years, Instagram has emerged as one of the main social networking platforms and, in particular, as a favourite site for people passionate about travelling and hospitality. As hotel manager or owner, you can use this platform to convey the unique aspects of your property and to promote your destination as a whole.

Many people use Instagram to draw inspiration for their travels, and they love to pre-view pictures of places and structures they will be staying in.

2. How to use it?

Using this social is very simple. Just take a few pictures of your property’s rooms, kitchen, common rooms as well as the surrounding area with your smartphone and publish them directly after having uploaded them on the platform. You could add a description to the photo before uploading it and give a hashtag (#), that is a keyword that will further the specific searches of your users.

3. How much does it cost?

Like Facebook, Instagram is a free sharing platform. However, to get a broader audience, showing your photos to the most users, you can decide to boost what you publish. It usually takes 3 euros a day to greatly increase the visibility of your page.

4. What Instagram features can I use in my business strategy?

There are two main functions to incorporate into your business strategy:

The first one is related to online advertising campaigns.

In this regard you should know that Facebook is Instagram’s parent company and has equipped it with its effective online advertising programmes. You can then use these targeted ads to become popular among its 400 million users.

The second one is based on the newsfeed algorithm.

Instagram also has a newsfeed section that works very much like Facebook’s one and you can use it for your benefit. Post often to stay visible and ensure you meet the needs of Instagram users who often visit this social site to take inspiration from shared photos.

5. What should be the focus of my Instagram Hotel/B&B page and why?

Ultimately, your Instagram page has to tell the story of your brand and demonstrate to guests why they should book one of your rooms. You have to highlight the strengths of your estate, its unique features and the story behind its development. It is also important to share the personal opinions of the people who work at your B&B, releasing anecdotes about your region as well. Always remember that your Instagram page should inspire guests to travel and eventually convince them to book a room at your property. Be authentic and use the uniqueness of your property to appeal to all travel-dependent people.

Now you just have to choose the best pictures to be posted and wait for the first like. And while you’re committed to improving your hotel’s visibility through Instagram, Parity Rate will consider how to simplify managing your hotel or B&B on booking portals with just a click.

That’s easy, isn’t it? 🙂

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