21 Mar 3 features that your Channel Manager MUST HAVE if you want to improve your revenue

When you use OTAs you are already well underway and the profits of your business are already potentially improving. Nowadays investing in the online sector is necessarily the best solution, because it enables you to promote and grow your business simply by following few and easy steps in a completely automatic way.

This, of course, is possible if you use a Channel Manager that helps you keep a record of your bookings, and helps you update rates, offers and destinations on every website with just a click.

Now that you are familiar with this software, you should know that.. that’s not all!

All this can be implemented by 3 features that you absolutely cannot do without, if you want your business to keep growing:

  • Quick and safe check of your competitors’ offers;
  • Automatic set up of updating rules linking together various rooms’ typologies;
  • Automatic update of descriptions and rates chosen by you.

These are the features that help you keep a precise and, most of all, unique and different record for all the website you use.

But in order to better understand the true usefulness of these features, let’s look at them more closely. Only in this way you can realize how these 3 features listed above can boost your business and increase your turnover.

How can I keep a track of my competitors’ actions in order to keep up with the latest offers?

Suite Rate Comparative is not only the answer to this question, it also helps you operate within the market with no need to  manually verify every website. What I mean is, every time you have an idea for a new offer and want to know if it works for you, or, if you have to open up a new accommodation facility but don’t know how to financially operate in that area, the first step you generally take is to check how your competitors act in similar cases.

To do that, you will spend a lot of time checking all your competitors’ website. This could only increase your confusion on what to do,  because of the too many and conplicated things to watch and analyse.

Suite Rate Comparative helps you exactly with  that. Thanks to this feature you can check all the information about your competitors quickly and, most of all, in one shot. In fact, you will find all these data enclosed in just one chart, specifically created by the software. You only need to choose who, among the several on the market, are the competitors you want to keep an eye on, then the software All in One will do the rest. Only thus you can quickly find the information you need, monitor your market area and act even more rapidly on your choices.


Would you like to know how to save time and generate more?

What you have to ask yourself before choosing this software is whether you want to invest your time in technical and mathematical skills, or you want to spend your time managing your business like only you can do.

If the last one is your answer, one more time I suggest you to opt for the help provided by the All in One software that Parity Rate offers you.

Especially with the Business Rules feature, i.e automatisms that enable you to set up updating rules linking together various typologies of stay or rooms your customer needs.

For instance, if you want to set up a precise link between single, double, triple or quadruple room, you only need to set this rule and the rate of one type of room to immediately get the update of your rate on all OTAs you use.


How to automatically increase your rooms’ bookings


You don’t want to spend half of the day updating every single website your business is present on because you have decided to change the description of a room?   

Do you know what the Distribution System is? Just what you need in this case. DS has been chosen by 1/3 of the European hospitality traffic, increasing turnovers by 5%. This because it automatically updates all OTAs you use, you only need to set up the software, then it will carry out your arrangements. In this way you can be sure of the adequacy of your information,  and enjoy the time you save dedicating yourself completely to your accommodation and your customers.


Does it seem too good to be true? It is.


All in One software can be really considered a partner of your business. After having found out what Parity Rate can do for you and for your business, you can’t at least wish to try its capacities.

That’s why I want to make you an offer.

I want to offer you a 30-day trial of Parity Rate, so you can realize what it can do for you and your business.

You just need a click, no strings attached, and we will think of the rest. We will contact you as soon as the software is ready and we’ll follow you step by step during the whole trial with free assistance.

Click here and take now your 30-day Free Demo.

When you will work on OTAs far less, because you got something that does the job for you, I bet you won’t be looking back.


Now it’s your turn to take a step toward the breakthrough of your business.

Bruno Castella
Bruno Castella

Lavoro da 30 anni nel settore alberghiero, e per gestire al meglio i miei alberghi ho sempre studiato e realizzato soluzioni gestionali specifiche per le esigenze di chi come noi opera nel mondo dell’ospitalità. Oggi voglio trasferire anche a te la mia esperienza e rendere semplice e automatica la gestione dei tuoi canali di vendita online. Finalmente aggiornerai disponibilità e tariffe con uno strumento di cui non potrai più fare a meno.

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