How much do you know about business and leisure?

29 Jun How much do you know about business and leisure?

As hotel and B&B‘s owners, managers or revenue managers, you are aware that travellers are generally divided into two groups: business travellers or leisure travellers.

However, there is a new emerging segment, that is a combination of these two types of guests. They have been recently labelled as “bleisure” travellers.

Knowing this new group better and understanding its trends is extremely important in order to be able to convey their reservations to your hotel/bed and breakfast …

But who are the “Bleisure Travellers”?

Bleisure guests are nothing else than travellers who combine their business trip with their passion for travel.

They have booked a trip to a particular area driven by business matters but will extend their stay to enjoy all that the area has to offer.

Why are they considered as an emerging market?

Targeting to bleisure travellers can be a winning marketing choice because business travels are steadily increasing, especially those on the international scene.

From 2014 until the present day, the frequency of professional travels has been exponentially increasing.

Just think that, according to a study by the American magazine Travel Weekly, the percentage of bleisure trips has increased from 12% in 2014 to 17% in 2016, and a further substantial increase is expected for the next few years.

Further, this kind of guest are likely to bring with them a spouse, a friend or other members of the family, this making your “businessmen” an even more coveted target.

So how to attract them to your Hotel / B&B?

Firstly, create a targeted promotion specifically aimed at this segment of travellers to be boosted on the booking portals, on your hotel/B&B’s site and social networks. A great way to do this would be, for example, writing articles on your hotel’s blog tailored for this type of guest, offering them a range of leisure activities to be experienced following their business engagements.

Or you could take care of your Instagram page by inserting photos to capture the bleisure travellers targets.

Also, think that you can add discounted rates for family members and friends to encourage other guests to take part in the trip.

Finally, you can add some special packages or benefits to your rate, such as breakfast included, local event tickets, gym access, or a late check-out option. All to be sent via Dem, newsletter or email.

… And once you’ll increase your customer base, being overwhelmed by a flood of bleisure bookings, then Parity Rate will allow you to manage your booking portals with a simple click.

It’s easy! Isn’t it?

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