How to increase business opportunities for your hotel thanks to Bleisure

23 Jan How to increase business opportunities for your hotel thanks to Bleisure

Bleisure: literally the union of the words Business and Leisure. Translated for your hotel, it’s a revolution in the world of business travel: if you manage to advantage of it, it can represent an incredible opportunity to increase your business.

Let’s find out more about what has by now become a worldwide Travel trend.

Bleisure. A trend born in 2016 and expanded in 2017

It’s to state that in 2017 the percentage of travels (and stays) that combines business and leisure will increase even more, reaching a real boom that the most alert hotel managers must not miss out.

Figures are very clear: 49% of business travelers extends their trip in the city of destination in order to enjoy a few days of vacation discovering art and culture, while 60% say they are now more tempted by Bleisure than they were few years ago.

What does this mean for who, like you, works in a hotel or manages it? That the number of days booked for a business travel increases thanks to the fact that some will choose to stay longer in your hotel to relax or enjoy a short break.

By the way, Bleisure’s ups don’t end here, because as well as extending their stay in hotel, business travelers generally ask their family or friends to join them (in some cases the family even comes along with them from the start), increasing even more your reservations and revenue.

As a matter of fact, it’s easy to understand the reasons behind this new trend in business travel. Nowadays, it’s frequent to travel for work and the time we spend with our loved one is always less. That’s why people jump at the opportunity of extending their business trips in order to spend 2 or 3 days enjoying the city with their families.

Moreover, this trend is becoming a habit among the under 35. They are young managers that take an average of 5 business trips a year. As their trip is paid by the company, they are willing to pay an extra to transform it in a short holiday.

Thus the Business Travel sector joins the Leisure one, the length of stays in hotels is extended and hotel managers have more chance to increase their profits.

Let’s see now how you can take advantage of this new trend and what tool you must have in your accommodation to ride the positive wave of Bleisure.

How to exploit the Bleisure boom in order to increase your revenues

The faster way to stay ahead of your competitors and exploit all the advantages of Bleisure is to get into GDS (Global Distribution System) right now. You will then get the reservations directly from the travel agencies and from large businesses’ Implant.

GDS are the biggest ticketing method used by 600.000 travel agencies that enables you to sell your rooms in particular to businesses and multinational corporations, opening you up to the big global market of business travels and working journeys.

As soon as you connect to GDS –  Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan for instance – you get at least these 5 advantages:

  • You are linked with 600.000 travel agencies.
  • You can take advantage of all the potential for financial gain that Business and Corporate Travel has to offer.
  • You sell at higher average rates, with average stays of 2 nights.
  • You get bookings from big businesses’ Implant and multinational corporations’ travel offices.
  • You compete as equal with the big international hotel chains.
  • You make your accommodation visible and bookable by travel agencies all over the world.

If in addition to all this, you consider a couple of extra days business travelers book in order to remain in the city and enjoy a break with friends or family, you can understand what treasure trove of potential customers (and of increased profits for you) GDS really are!

Do you run a hotel but still don’t use GDS?

Then be aware that those arriving in your city for work and wishing to stay a few days longer are about to book from your competitors.

Because a reservation lost on GDS means a loss of profit and guests that go directly to another hotel present on GDS.

Would you like to catch up with the competition and beat it on time, taking advantage of the potential earnings offered by Bleisure and Corporate Travel in general?

Just connect to GDS and don’t wait any longer!

How to connect to GDS and exploit the benefits of Bleisure
( and of Business Travelling)

Connecting to GDS, in order to get reservations from agencies or directly from the big business’ Travel sections, is very easy.

You only have to use a Channel Manager like Parity Rate and in no time you could get reservation requests that you would unlikely get without GDS.

In fact, Parity Rate perfectly integrates with Global Distribution Systems and in an absolutely safe way, guaranteeing you a flawless connectivity that is always on.

Only with Parity Rate Channel Manager:


Once linked, you work with ALL GDS with no connectivity limit at all. In order to get the best from Global Distribution Systems, we will give you all the necessary assistance: from editing the data sheet, to tariff plans, to which images and descriptions to use – and we will constantly verify marketability.


With the assistance of our experts, we will choose the Consortia more suitable for your accommodation in order to increase RFP (Request for proposal) and improve your turnover from the Corporate segment, thanks to the Business Travel GDS program.


We will help you start GDS marketing campaigns, specific for channel and feeder reference market.


Your hotel receives only one financial record that includes commissions to agencies, so only have to manage one payment.

And only thanks to the connection with the most important GDS (guaranteed by Parity Rate) you will never run the risk of losing an incredible Bleisure and Coroporate Travelling market share.

Would you like a sample of the huge potentialities offered by GDS and Parity Rate Channel Manager?

Would you like it for free?

You just need one simple click to get the 30-day FREE TRIAL for Parity Rate and connectivity to the biggest GDS in the world.

Would you like me to remind you of the data published by on the percentages of business travelers that prolong their stay in hotel of at least 2 or 3 days at each trip?

49%, half of those who nowadays travel for work.

A 49% of extra possibilities of selling your rooms that you are losing by the second.

Take the unique opportunities offered by Bleisure and GDS.

Ask for free advice from one of our experts and for the 30-day Free Trial!

Remember: in 2017 there will be a boom of this new travel trend. Be prepared for it!


Bruno Castella
Bruno Castella

Lavoro da 30 anni nel settore alberghiero, e per gestire al meglio i miei alberghi ho sempre studiato e realizzato soluzioni gestionali specifiche per le esigenze di chi come noi opera nel mondo dell’ospitalità. Oggi voglio trasferire anche a te la mia esperienza e rendere semplice e automatica la gestione dei tuoi canali di vendita online. Finalmente aggiornerai disponibilità e tariffe con uno strumento di cui non potrai più fare a meno.

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